(other related topics are also widely welcomed)

News and communication

Communication behavior

Symbol propagation

cross-cultural communication

Cultural Studies

Cultural comparison

Cultural form

Cultural conservation

Cultural inheritance

Cultural innovation

Cultural change and transformation

Shaping the value of culture

Educational Science

Information education

Future education

Learning technology system architecture

Educational Multimedia

Teaching technology innovation

Educational knowledge management technology

Educational software and hardware

Data mining in Education

Entrepreneurship Education

Vocational and technical education

Education Statistics

Acoustics in educational environment

Courses, tutorials and laboratories

Inclusive education and Practice

Social and cultural inclusion

mental health

curriculum design

Education, research and Globalization

The link between education and research

New challenges in Education

Teacher student exchange program

Recognition and quality assurance

Academic experience

Digital library and database

Evaluation and evaluation

Digital rights management

Student selection criteria for interdisciplinary research

knowledge management 

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  • Conference Date: 2023.12.23
  • Notification Date: About a week after the submission
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